How To Be Successful At Betting

‘How do you beat the bookies?’ or ‘Can you beat the bookies?’ is probably one of the most searched terms amongst football bettors all over the world. A lot people’s response is simply that you can’t beat the bookies but this really isn’t the case. It is possible and this site is proof that you can, just look at the total profit of the private Whatsapp group via the homepage. The problem is, it’s EXTREMELY difficult to do so and only a small percent of bettors can and are actually capable of doing so. This is why all of the main bookies are so rich.

So what’s the secret? Well there isn’t one really. There is no correct way apart from to simply win more than you lose. Well how do we do this? The two most important qualities to possess as a successful football bettor is…


If you don’t have discipline you should never expect to make long term profit from this game. By discipline we predominantly mean don’t chase losses because it’s ok to lose bets and it’s ok to have a losing day, a losing week or a losing month as short term results are completely irrelevant. The moment you treat this game as a get rich quick scheme, 9/10 you will get poor quick! Those odds are not great. Betting for profit is and always will be a long term game.

If you have a rough day, week or month one thing you must not do is chase losses. This means placing extra bets that you wouldn’t normally place, increasing your stake amount to try and get your money back. Seeing your bankroll go down is not nice but it’s all a part of long term profit, remember it’s fine to lose over a short term period. Many many betting groups will claim to make you quick cash in a short space of time. This often consists of risking a large amount and you are never guaranteed to win.

Bankroll Management

This is equally as important as discipline. If you bet a high percent of your bankroll on one bet you will eventually lose your bankroll 100% of the time. The best and most common way to manage your bankroll is to bet 5% of your bankroll on each bet.


Your bankroll is £100, this would give you a stake amount of £5 (5% of £100) on your next bet. If you have a winning bet at odds of 2.00 (EVENS) your bankroll would be £105. This makes your next stake £5.25 (5% of £105).

On the flip side. If your original bet of £5 lost, your bankroll would now be £95. This makes your next stake £4.75 (5% of £95).

This is where discipline comes into it. If you stick to betting only 5% of your bankroll you should never lose it all because as your bankroll decreases so does your stake. On the other hand, as your bankroll increases, so does your stake.

It is a very boring process as any profit you make is gradual but it is by far the best way to approach betting.

If you only take two pieces of advice from this article. Please make sure it’s the following…

  • NEVER chase your losses – It’s ok to lose money over a short term period.
  • Never bet more than 5% of your bankroll on ANY bet.

You have now started the process of being successful at football betting!