Beginners Guide to Football Betting

Being a beginner at something, like football betting, is usually not much fun because it generally means you aren’t very good. For football bettors it can be very costly as usually any betting is done with real money.

There are obviously ways to limit any losses when you first start out and i’m going to list a few here. Hopefully by just following these few things will stop you going broke over and over again.

  • Small Stakes

You shouldn’t go into the betting world expecting to become rich over night, it just doesn’t work like that. When you first start getting involved in betting you should really be using small stakes such as 20p-50p bets. This way you will minimize any losses and may even enjoy it which is important if you want to learn more.

  • Set Limits

Set yourself a limit of ‘X’ number of 20p-50p bets per day or even set yourself a loss limit of say £2 per day. This way when you’re having a bad day you know your maximum loss can only be a small amount.

  • Keep it Simple

You’re just starting out so there is no need to bet on markets you aren’t 100% sure of such as the Asian markets. There is nothing wrong with keeping it simple by betting on a Home win, an Away win or a Draw!

Just sticking to those simple guidelines should help to keep the enjoyment there while you get to grips with it all. Now i’ll tell you a few BIG NO NO’s in my eyes as i see these to only have a negative effect on any win-rate.

  • Do NOT include the same team in multiple bets

This should be quite self explanatory as to why. If you place Manchester United to win in FIVE separate accumulators and they don’t win, you have just lost all five bets for that day even if all of your other teams win! At least if you only include each team once you still have four accumulator slips which are potential winners. This is probably the most basic error people make in my eyes.

  • Do NOT bet on friendlies

I know during pre-season there isn’t much to bet on, this doesn’t mean you HAVE to bet on friendlies. Sometimes not betting at all is the most profitable thing you can do. This is an important fact to learn and remember as it could save you A LOT of money.

What people don’t know is that friendlies can have certain conditions like the game ends when the players/management want it to, which can be before 90 minutes! You also don’t know each teams situation. Clubs may decide to play a reserve team or try a totally different formation. There could also be 4 or 5 substitutions at half time or even the whole team could be substituted. A lot of clubs play friendlies against other clubs from different countries and it can be hard to compare the two leagues as they often finish at different times of the year giving the two sets of players different fitness levels.

When all is said and done the most important thing for a football bettor to consider is getting the best odds. This means you get more back on your winning bets giving you more money to bet with going forward.