Improved Site

So i haven’t been around much lately due to work/personal life commitments. But i am preparing to return in the new year so i thought i’d give this site a bit of a makeover and add some new features/content before i (hopefully) come back with a bang.

I have now created an email subscription service which you can sign up to via the left hand menu! Once you have entered your details you will need to log in to your email account and click an activation link. With this i am hoping to send out some decent offers to my subscribers a long with other interesting updates.

I am also hoping to start adding some invaluable content to the site to help you guys out with your football betting. The majority will be in the ‘Guides’ section so check that out when it all starts being added. I’m not totally sure what i am going to add yet but whatever it is i will make sure it is as good as it can be.

In the meantime i will keep adding tips to my other site ( as that can be done much more quicker than writing out a full blog post. I have an ROI on that site of over 7% during a 2 year period so i think that shows what i am all about.

Anyway,over the next week or 2 i will be concentrating on Christmas so good luck with your bets in the meantime and the Football Bettr will be in touch soon (Y)

Merry Christmas!

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