So you want to know about me hey? Well i am a profitable football bettor from England so naturally i am a self proclaimed expert on UK & Irish football and have been making money from betting on these leagues for the past few years.

Now the time has come for me to share my bets with the rest of the UK & Ireland. Yes, my main target audience are bettors from the UK & Ireland as i feel trust is 100% important. It is pretty impossible to scam UK & Irish people on their own leagues with fake tips so this is why they are my target audience. Bettors outside of the UK are still welcome but it will be rare i touch other leagues outside of these.

My goal is simple, to make myself and anyone who chooses to follow me as much money as possible. I back ALL of the bets i post on this site so you will know if i am making money or not. These bets are MY own personal bets and it is entirely your decision on whether you follow or not. If you don’t agree, don’t follow, if you do then enjoy your profits.

Comments are more than welcome but please keep them friendly and constructive, that means no hate! Haters/trolls will be banned.

Along with plenty of football bets there will also be various challenges attempted with minimal monetary risk. I will also post excellent betting offers from the top online bookmakers, some may even be exclusive to Football Bettr followers. So even if you just lurk in the background and watch, you will still be eligible for some excellent bonuses or free money so it will pay to keep revisiting the site.

If you have any feedback on the site or any general questions then please feel free to contact me.

Good luck!

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