£1000 Challenge

Risk just £10 to make £1000+ in around 20 bets! The idea of this challenge is to start with a bankroll of just £10 and place the whole amount on a bet that you feel is a ‘dead cert’, or as close to it as possible. If this bet wins you then place the amount returned on another bet and so on. With odds of around 1.25 we can potentially achieve the goal in around 20 bets.

Here’s an example…

We see a bet we like at odds of 1.25. We would put £10 on this bet to win and if it wins we get £12.50 returned. Bet 2 would then be a bet of £12.50 on another bet with odds of around 1.25 that we like. If this bet wins we get roughly £15.63 back. Bet 3 would then be a bet of around £15.63! We continue doing this until we hopefully hit our target in our £10 to £1000 Challenge. If any of our bets lose we only lose our original stake of £10. You can also cash out at any time if you reach an amount you are happy with.

If you were to place every bet at odds of 1.25, here would be your returns…

Bet 01 returns: £12.50
Bet 02 returns: £15.63
Bet 03 returns: £19.53
Bet 04 returns: £24.41
Bet 05 returns: £30.52
Bet 06 returns: £38.15
Bet 07 returns: £47.68
Bet 08 returns: £59.60
Bet 09 returns: £74.51
Bet 10 returns: £93.13
Bet 11 returns: £116.42
Bet 12 returns: £145.52
Bet 13 returns: £181.90
Bet 14 returns: £227.37
Bet 15 returns: £284.22
Bet 16 returns: £355.27
Bet 17 returns: £444.09
Bet 18 returns: £555.11
Bet 19 returns: £693.89
Bet 20 returns: £867.36
Bet 21 returns: £1,084.20

Of course the higher the odds you choose the faster you will reach the £1,000 target but don’t forget by increasing the odds you are also increasing the chances of the challenge losing!