Iceland Bet

This is a bet from the Iceland football league that will bring you profit over a long term period, such as at the end of a full season. This bet isn’t for instant, short term profit.

The bet is an accumulator bet and can include any amount of selections from 1 up to 4 as this is deemed to be the most profitable range of selections. More details will be emailed once you have purchased the bet.

This bet has shown a long term profit over the period of three season now and the good thing about it is no research is needed. You just need to wait for a day where there is 1-4 matches so you can just include them all without trying to narrow the field.

The small payment to receive this bet is just a one-off payment. Once you have paid you will be sent details in an email. You are then welcome to use this bet for as long as you like so you can enjoy the long term profits it brings.

Please note: This bet does not win every single time. Please be patient and over the long run you will see profit.

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Bet ROI: 16%