Happy 2016

I hope you all had an excellent Christmas and New Year first off. I have spent most of the new year in bed ill so i haven’t really had any time to look at the football. Luckily, i am now pretty back to full fitness and ready to launch this site properly i think.

So what does 2016 hold for this site? Well i am looking at posting many winning football tips throughout the year, i also want run some challenges like £10-£1,000 for example. I’m not saying i will complete any of them but i will have a go as it’s a fun way to bet and if we don’t succeed we have only lost around £10. We just need to make it stretch as far as we can!

Going back a year, i bet nobody predicted the state of the Premier League table, going into 2016, i certainly didn’t! Obviously Chelsea and Manchester United have been the biggest surprises at how poor they have been this season but we also have Leicester City who are surprising everyone and are arguably the team of 2015 considering they were bottom of the Premier League at Christmas time in 2014. Looking ahead i see Leicester falling off the pace with a title shoot-out between Arsenal and Manchester City. The other 2 Champions League places will be fought out by Manchester United, Tottenham, Liverpool and maybe West Ham will surprise a few.

At the other end i’m afraid to say Aston Villa and Sunderland will be doomed along with Bournemouth i think. But hey, this has been the most unpredictable season yet so who knows what will happen between now and May.

Whatever happens, just enjoy the ride!

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