Betting Tips for 2017

2016 has come and gone and a new year is upon us. Some of you will have ended 2016 with a positive betting balance but the vast majority will be comfortably in the red. So i thought i would give some betting advice to consider during 2017 to try and help reduce those losses or even wipe them out completely. All of these points are just my opinion so take them for what they are worth…

  • Stick to what you know

I feel the majority of people reading this will be from the UK. It’s highly likely you’ve followed football in the UK for quite a while and you will probably know the most about UK football. So why don’t you just concentrate on the UK leagues? Unless you have been following a foreign league for years it’s very hard to be a consistent winner as it’s just a slightly different experience to betting on UK football.

  • Quality not quantity

Making money from betting isn’t about running up 8 team accumulators every day or betting on 25 singles every day. Find your best bet of the day and bet on that. Sometimes you may find a couple of bets but you shouldn’t be looking to place too many bets per day as you will find your balance won’t really be going anywhere over the long term.

  • Discipline

This is, and always will be in my opinion, the most important factor that will determine your success in betting. It is so tempting to look for more bets after you’ve had a loser or you see a team dominating in-play and think to yourself, they must win this match!! Even if the match is in the Afghanistan Women’s 2nd Division you still want to put a bet on the win. Well those are 2 ways to lose money. Plan your bets at the start of the day and stick to them and only them no matter what happens.

  • Research

Another important factor to being a successful bettor. Before placing a bet i strongly recommend looking at some stats. Even if it’s just the past 5 or 6 games, if the stats don’t back the bet up then you probably shouldn’t be placing it. A big reason the bookies make so much money from us is because a lot of people load up their betting app, have a quick scroll through the games and place a random bet they fancy, usually without doing their research first. This is a big no no!!

  • Odds are KING!

We can all be lazy at times and use that one bookie we use the most, mostly because that is the one account we have some money in. But you really should be chasing the best odds for your bet. In the long run this will make such a difference to your balances. There are numerous bookies these days who are offering competitive odds as they are all competing for your custom. Use this to your advantage and go where the best odds are.

Bookie 1 offers 1.80 on your chosen bet
Bookie 2 offers 1.90 on your chosen bet.

Assuming a £10 stake, ask yourself if you’d prefer to be given £18 back or £19 back?

Here are the 3 best UK betting sites for you to use.

  • Only bet when sober

This is an obvious one really. Betting when you’re drunk never ends well. We have all done it and the urge will always be there but this is one thing you should really try and avoid. If you are going out for a few deleting your betting apps may help you keep away from making the fatal error.

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