£5-£100 Challenge

Challenges Attempted: 8 | Money Banked: £52.66 | Profit: £17.66

The idea of this £5-£100 challenge is to make a nice sum of money in a relatively quick space of time of around a week. I am going to be aiming to do this challenge in about 10 bets so this should take around 10 days, maybe slightly more, as there will not necessarily be a bet every day.

I’ll be looking to take odds of somewhere between 1.50-2.00 with the occasional bet being either below 1.50 or above 2.00. This is more likely going to be on days where there isn’t much to bet on. To complete this challenge we will be looking to bank an amount between £90-£110 as it would be silly to place another bet and risk losing when you can just bank £95 and start again from £5.

There aren’t really any rules to this, i can stop when i want or continue when i want. You are welcome to join in if you wish or otherwise you can just watch from a far and miss out on the money that i will undoubtedly make.

If you want to join in then great. All you need to do is create a Bet365 account as this is the site i will be using. They offer the most markets and generally offer great odds which is important. You can get your account from the banner below.

It is important to follow my bets as quickly as you can because odds change all the time. Odds will often go down as the match approaches so please bare that in mind. All bets in this challenge will be listed below.

Bet 1: Coming Soon!

If a betting challenge isn’t your thing and you just want some FREE football tips you can visit the free football tips page.

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