£20-£1000 Challenge

Bet 2 of the £20 to £1000 challenge was a winner thanks to Northampton’s 2-0 win over York City. The game went pretty much as expected for the league leaders who never looked back after John O’Toole put the Cobblers ahead in the first half. Top scorer Marc Richards ensured the bet was won with the second goal of the game against the league’s bottom side.

I go to Spain’s Primera League for bet 3 as Barcelona travel to Levante. After beating Valencia 7-0 the other day i am hoping Barcelona will net a few more against the league’s bottom club Levante. Even if the leaders rest some of their stars they should still manage the win and will certainly be looking to win with the two Madrid sides breathing down their necks.

To take part in this challenge you will need a Bet365 account as i will use a lot of Asian Handicaps so we MUST use the best site for this market, Bet365. If you don’t already have an account please create one via the banner below. For what it’s worth, using that banner will give you a 100% bonus on your 1st deposit!

Challenge Bankroll: £30.50

Bet 3:
Sunday 7th February 2016
Spanish Primera League
Levante vs. Barcelona

Bet: Barcelona to Win (-1 Asian Handicap) @ 1.23

£30.50 returns £37.52

You can join our £20 to £1000 Challenge at any point. Just deposit £20 and start from the beginning, it doesn’t matter if we are further down the line or not.

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